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Vitrulan Decorative Glass Fabrics

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Vitrulan Decorative Glass Fabrics are German-made wallcoverings that have unique properties to make it the ideal wallcoverings for all areas of application when combined with corresponding paint system.

Vitrulan Decorative Glass Fabrics consists of fine glass fibres, which are woven to form first-class wallcoverings. The high-quality finish provides an extremely resilient fibre compound.

So, what are the differences between Vitrulan Decorative Glass Fabrics and normal wallpaper?


• Reinforcing structure that provides secure protection against

• Fire-resistant (PSB-tested equivalent to Fire Security Class 1)

• Long life-span of more than 20 years

• Custom-made patterns and even corporate logos are

• Available in many patterns with combination of any colours
that you would want for your wall

• Waterproof and easy to clean, just like normal painted

• Allow users to change the colour of their wall with just another coat of paint at anytime


• Magnetic function that allows you to decorate or put up photos, notices, etc. with the use of magnets

• Provide fun & entertainment for your children and even education feature with the aid of magnetic alphabets and numbers



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